Friday, 03 July 2015

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Amec Dunlin A North Sea oil

Report highlights platform removal

A report looking at the cost-efficient decommissioning and removal of offshore oil and gas platforms has been published by ABB.

Flow meter LNG site

NEL invests £1m in flow meter facility

Oil & Gas consultancy NEL is investing £1 million to create the UK’s only flow meter calibration facility capable of testing at significantly elevated pressures and temperatures.

National Grid control centre

Energy associations plan merger

The Association for Decentralised Energy (ADE) and the UK Demand Response Association (UKDRA) have announced plans to join forces

EDF Hinkley Point C site preparation

Nuclear supply scheme launched

Leaders of the nuclear industry will gather in London today to launch an initiative to broaden the UK supply chain for new plant builds.

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Multigas detector

Multigas detector with confined space entry feature

Crowcon’s Gas-Pro with automated Confined Space Entry (CSE) function is designed to be ideal for entering into confined spaces.


Quantitech launches process gas analyser range

Quantitech has announced the launch of a new range of process gas analysers based on tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS)


Flowmeters in petrochemical processes

Titan Enterprises has launched a guide that reviews the evolving role of different flow meter technologies in measuring injection additives in petrochemical processes.

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Lucy Ackland

Europe's lowest level of female engineers

There are three reasons why the UK has the lowest proportion of female engineers in Europe, says Award-winning Renishaw engineer Lucy Ackland.

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Beer video screen grab

Ubiquitous beer brewing system Video

Sabco has partnered with Unitronics to help beverage brewers of all kinds produce the perfect pint.

German ExxonMobil employees drink fracking fluid - web

ExxonMobil staff drink fracking fluid

Staff of ExxonMobil this week appeared on national television in Germany to attempt to show that fracking fluid is harmless.



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