Thursday, 02 October 2014

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When thermal oil freezes

When thermal oil freezes

Engineers must rely on ambient temperature to restore solidified oil to its former viscosity, warns Clive Jones.

Ultrasonic flowmeter

Ultrasonic flowmeter

The USM GT400 is the latest ultrasonic flowmeter of RMG by Honeywell and designed to help natural gas producers improve efficiency by more-accurately tracking the movement of gas through pipelines.

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German ExxonMobil employees drink fracking fluid - web

ExxonMobil staff drink fracking fluid

11 Sep 2014

Staff of ExxonMobil this week appeared on national television in Germany to attempt to show that fracking fluid is harmless.

Water treatment roundtable Video

2 Jul 2014

Blacoh University has facilitated a roundtable video with industry leaders to discuss key aspects of a project to secure new equipment for a water reservoir and treatment facility.



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