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Sellafield: too big to be private

John McKenna, Editor

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Teesside process industry cluster CCS

Teesside industrial CCS plan launched

By John McKenna

Firms including BOC and Amec Foster Wheeler gathered in Westminster yesterday to launch their plans for an industrial Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) network in Teesside.

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Energy minister Matthew Hancock opens National shale gas college in Blackpool

Shale college launch: premature or necessary?

By Robert Smith

With so little known about the skills it will target and the courses it will offer, the launch of the UK’s first shale-specific College feels somewhat premature.

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money trees skills wealth

A wealth of opportunity

By Robert Smith

Chemical engineering graduates earn some of the best salaries in the country. But does this stop the majority from immediately making the move into other industries?

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Software controls maintenance cycle processes

Real Asset Management’s computerised maintenance management software (CMMS) is designed to manage all processes in the maintenance cycle of an asset.

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Engineering and design for lean construction Video

9 Dec 2014

The Aveva Group has launched this short video which explains how best to control the design spiral on construction projects.

German ExxonMobil employees drink fracking fluid - web

ExxonMobil staff drink fracking fluid

11 Sep 2014

Staff of ExxonMobil this week appeared on national television in Germany to attempt to show that fracking fluid is harmless.



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