Thursday, 21 August 2014

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Does gender matter?

John McKenna, Editor

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When thermal oil freezes

When thermal oil freezes

Engineers must rely on ambient temperature to restore solidified oil to its former viscosity, warns Clive Jones.

Buncefield fire

Diverting disaster

By Robert Smith

In the wake of an industrial disaster, updating plant safety technology is often the first port of call. But are there more effective ways for companies to safeguard their future?

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Position sensing

The SEEPOS is a Position Sensing Detector (PSD) signal processing tool designed to interface with your PSD and connect directly to your computer.

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Water treatment roundtable Video

2 Jul 2014

Blacoh University has facilitated a roundtable video with industry leaders to discuss key aspects of a project to secure new equipment for a water reservoir and treatment facility.

Changing the face of industrial HMI Video

16 Jun 2014

Advantech’s latest range of products include several new models in the TPC, SPC, FPM and WebOP ranges, all of the TPC, SPC and FPM come with 16:9 wide screen & multi-touch, high-performance computing with dual-core technology, and true flat front IP66 certified touch screen design, making them suitable for automotive production.



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