Wednesday, 06 May 2015

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Engineering's election

John McKenna, Editor

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Ed Miliband

Election skills

By John McKenna, Robert Smith

Following tomorrow’s general election, key engineering issues such as skills shortages look set to play a central role over the next parliament. 

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Control valves

Control valves stand ultra-deep test

Badger Meter control valves are making an important contribution in oil extraction applications in ultra-deep oil wells thanks to their ability to overcome the difficult challenges of extreme pressures, wide flow ranges and ultra-low temperatures.

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John J. Kilbane

Corrosion monitoring

Up to 40% of internal pipeline corrosion is due to microbiological causes. Intertek’s John J. Kilbane looks at the techniques used to analyse this destructive force.

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Beer video screen grab

Ubiquitous beer brewing system Video

31 Mar 2015

Sabco has partnered with Unitronics to help beverage brewers of all kinds produce the perfect pint.

German ExxonMobil employees drink fracking fluid - web

ExxonMobil staff drink fracking fluid

11 Sep 2014

Staff of ExxonMobil this week appeared on national television in Germany to attempt to show that fracking fluid is harmless.



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