Thursday, 26 November 2015

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SSE Ferrybridge coal power station

UK coal-fired plants to close

The UK’s coal-fired power stations will be shut down by 2025, the government has announced today.

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Think tank targets drinking water standard

Think tank targets water standard

A new think-tank has been founded to drive a European system for testing materials that come into contact with drinking water.

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Michael Ayres, deputy chief executive of Dearman

The power of cold

Backup gensets are resilient and reliable, but not sustainable in their current form, says Michael Ayres, deputy chief executive of Dearman.

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Forty-nine per cent of industry representatives claim skills shortages are their main barrier to growth

Engineering tops career poll

More people would encourage a young person to become an engineer than a doctor, accountant or banker, a survey has found.

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On the level

On the level

By Louisa Hearn

Level measurement can offer a line of defence against industrial spills, and regulators are taking note.

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